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Columbus OVI Charge Lawyer

Contact experienced Columbus DUI attorney Terry Sherman. It doesn't matter if you are facing an appearance in mayor's court or municipal court. It doesn't matter if this is your first offense, or if you have been convicted of an OVI or DUI previously. If you walk into court and plead "guilty" or "no contest" to your charges, you will immediately:

  • Face all punishment including loss of license and driving privileges, and serve 3 days in Jail/MaryHaven
  • Pay all fines and court costs (over $1,000 for first time offenders, higher for repeat offenses)
  • Have a permanent (not expugnable) record which could affect your present or future employment
  • Experience a substantial increase in your insurance rates (often they will triple)

Put a proven Columbus OVI Lawyer to work for you immediately

Hiring an attorney will actually save you money! Mr. Sherman is usually the least expensive alternative if you consider the impact on just the first year of your car insurance, as well as the fines you will pay. What is the value of preserving your driving privileges and getting your car back (if it has been immobilized)? What is the value of protecting yourself from a permanent criminal record which could prevent you from obtaining an important job or opportunity in the future?

Mr. Sherman will aggressively investigate the circumstances of your individual case. He can evaluate the stop itself, the tests administered, the chain of custody of the evidence, as well as the evidence itself. Mr. Sherman can help to evaluate the behavior and veracity of the officer during your stop.

Terry Sherman has practiced criminal defense law in central Ohio for over 40 years, and enjoys a strong reputation with local judges, prosecutors, and mayor's court personnel as a candid straight shooter who is prepared to vigorously defend his clients. He has developed positive relationships over the years with those who serve in Columbus and Central Ohio courts and is known to work with them to find a solution which is in the best interests of all involved.

Contact an Experienced Columbus and Central Ohio DUI Attorney Today

Terry K. Sherman believes in the importance of having a strong connection with his clients. When he takes a case, he works hard from the very beginning to protect his clients. A fast and aggressive response can increase your options and improve your chances for a successful outcome.

Contact attorney Terry K. Sherman today to discuss your Ohio DUI / OVI charges today, or call his offices at (614) 360-2962.

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