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Child Pornography Charges and Importuning are serious criminal charges which carry heavy prison sentences and fines, and can result in you having to register as a "Registered Sex Offender" for practically the rest of your life. Federal and State officials track websites and email traffic looking for those who obtain, download and/or email pornographic or sexually related images of children, teenagers, pre-pubescent kids and adolescent. Any pictures or video which portray the nudity of a child, underage children or adolescents taking part or simulating sex acts, or naked pictures or videos of minors can be charged with child pornography and pandering.

The penalties involved in some of these cases are draconian in nature. "Sexting" (taking pictures of private areas of your body and sending them to a friend or lover) is becoming more common among teenagers today. If your child receives pictures on their cell phone or email from someone who is under the age of 16 they can face child pornography charges, even if the behavior was initiated by the other party and/or consensual. Legal authorities often attempt to heavily influence or bully suspects into allowing a search of their homes, cell phones and computers against their legal rights, and without due process.

Often, law enforcement will pose as a child on websites in an attempt to ensnare those attempting to prey on children. Importuning charges result from chatting with a minor on-line and making sexual suggestions, attempting to arrange a meeting or soliciting sexual favors or activity.

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There are several potential questions regarding the viability of a case and how the law enforcement officers conducted the investigation, charges and arrest. Was the information real or digital? Did the authorities follow the appropriate laws for obtaining a search warrant, and conduct a legal search and seizure? What were the specific circumstances surrounding the events which took place, and what were the roles of those actually involved?

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