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Columbus Mortgage Fraud Lawyer

Experienced Columbus, Ohio Attorney Defends Allegations of Real Estate Fraud

Mortgage fraud and real estate fraud are serious charges that can lead to the revocation of your license, the seizure of your property assets and accounts, heavy fines and ultimately prison sentences. The recent mortgage and real estate crisis across the country has led to Federal and State of Ohio prosecutors investigating and prosecuting increasing numbers of cases relating to real estate transactions throughout the Columbus area and across the State of Ohio.

Anyone involved in these types of transactions may be exposed to criminal charges for fraud including mortgage brokers, appraisers, bank and lending institution employees and managers, real estate agents and brokers, as well as the sellers.

The real estate agents and brokers have been accused of helping buyers and sellers to falsify information, numbers on loan applications and closing documents, or to help arrange kickbacks outside of the documents provided for in the mortgage and closing agreements and the HUD1 forms. Appraisers can be accused of mortgage fraud if the appraised value of the home is overinflated or significantly higher than standard practices and comparables would otherwise suggest.

Even the buyer is not immune. Providing false information on a loan application for the purposes of obtaining a loan, as well as providing untrue or misinformation on a HUD1 form, agreeing to falsify numbers or providing "kickbacks" can result in fraud accusations and mortgage fraud charges. Innocent bystanders have been convinced to partner with others in a real estate transaction with the promise of a fee. These buyers, known as "straw buyers", who use or allow their credit to be used for the purchase of a home they never intend to occupy, have been successfully prosecuted for fraud, even though they thought they were taking part in a legitimate business deal.

Fraud Charges are Serious and You Should Contact an Experienced and Proven Mortgage Fraud and Real Estate Fraud Lawyer to protect your livelihood and freedom. Contact Central Ohio Criminal Defense and Fraud Attorney Terry Sherman, or call (614) 360-2962 today.

There are several activities which can result in being investigated or charged with real estate fraud or mortgage fraud including:

  • Providing False Information on Home Mortgage or Loan Applications
  • Failure to Disclose or Misrepresenting Your Primary Residence
  • Using someone as a Straw Buyer
  • Flipping Houses
  • Omissions or Departures from Established Underwriting Standards
  • Providing Untrue Statements, Misinformation or Untrue Information on the HUD 1 Forms
  • Inflating the Value of a Home Appraisal

Terry Sherman is an experienced defender of those accused of, investigated for, or charged with mortgage fraud or real estate fraud. Mr. Sherman has been named as an Ohio Super Lawyer, recognized as one of the "Best Lawyers in America" and will contribute his more than 40 years of criminal defense experience to make sure that you do not become a scapegoat for prosecutors. Terry Sherman has defended people in hundreds of criminal trials, and will work to keep the case from ever reaching the grand jury. If you are already past that point, Mr. Sherman will work aggressively to investigate what has happened and to defend your good name. He will employ his experience and interpersonal skills to work effectively behind the scenes to help produce the best outcome possible in your case.

For aggressive criminal defense representation contact Attorney Terry K. Sherman to schedule a consultation. Attorney Sherman's phones are answered 24 hours a day. He will give you an honest assessment of your case and make sure you know what to expect.

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