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Columbus DUI Stop Attorney

Each situation is different, and the advice of an attorney will be different for each case based upon the unique circumstances. Terry Sherman has been practicing criminal defense in Central Ohio for more than 40 years. There are several recommendations he can provide to his fellow citizens.

Our police officers deserve and require your respect. Keep in mind that almost everything is being captured on audio and video. Be courteous and compliant. Immediately provide your driver's license and proof of insurance. However, it is also important to be your own advocate. This is not a time to be bashful or intimidated. If you have an injury, back problems, arthritis, poor eyesight, a workers comp claim, or other impairment tell the officer immediately. It is also important to tell the officer if you are on any type of prescription medications.

If you have any doubt about whether a drink or two has placed you near the legal limit tell the officer you wish to contact your lawyer immediately, and do not answer any further questions. You have the right to remain silent!

The tests given by an officer who suspects a driver to be under the influence are subjective at best. They are designed to challenge even those who are strictly sober, and athletic in the best of conditions. Most are administered under challenging conditions including:

  • Foul or Inclement Weather
  • Dangerous or Uneven Surfaces
  • No clearly marked straight lines
  • Near Passing / Moving Traffic
  • Low or Poor Lighting Conditions
  • Loose Gravel, Broken Glass or Other Refuse

A motorist can do 8 things right, and two things wrong and fail the test. It is an unfair, arbitrary, unilateral "one size fits all" test, often administered in a way to ensure you are at a disadvantage.

You are not required to take this test in hazardous conditions. Respectfully inform the officer that you believe that the conditions are unfair, or unsafe. "I'm shivering, cars are whizzing by in the dark, the pavement is uneven and I do not feel safe. I am happy to take this test at the station where it is safe, well lit, and there is a firm flat surface with clearly marked lines."

What About Taking a Breathalyzer or Portable Test?

Penalties can be stiff for those that refuse to take the test at the site, and refusing to submit to a test will usually result in your immediate arrest. You may be threatened with "penalties which will double". This may still be in your best interests for many reasons. It is possible for a local testing kit or machine to provide a false positive reading. It is important for you stand up for yourself. "I would be happy to take a blood or urine test back at the station" Ask for a urine test if you are afraid of needles, or if medical professionals are often challenged to find a vein in your experience.

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Terry K. Sherman believes in the importance of having a strong connection with his clients. When he takes a case, he works hard from the very beginning to protect his clients. A fast and aggressive response can increase your options and improve your chances for a successful outcome. Contact attorney Terry K. Sherman today to discuss your Ohio DUI / OVI charges today, or call his offices at (614) 360-2962.

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